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Pacific Fibre Products, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Larry and John Lemmons.
It all began with salvaging and chipping timber blown over during the
eruption of Mt. St. Helens. In working closely with our customers we
determined there was a need for a permanent whole-log chipping facility
in the region to provide high quality chips for the region's pulp & paper
mills. Since then, we have constructed and modernized three whole-log
chipping mills in Longview and completed a total remodel of the North
Plains, Oregon mill.
Today the primary source of wood has changed significantly from Federal
and State timber back in 1982, to partnering with timber industry leaders and small land owners. We continue to build strong relationships and pay very competitive pricing on our purchased wood. We specialize in purchasing timber on the stump, harvesting, and replanting. We are recognized as a leader in working with the small landowner who is managing 5-10 acre parcels.
Additionally, we are recognized as a large volume supplier of top-quality bark products not only locally, but in the entire western United States. We purchase quality raw bark from a number of suppliers and process it into a number of high quality grades of bark. We also produce different types of soil amendments and mulches. We enjoy working on developing new product lines to specifically meet the needs of our customers and yours. We can ship via rail to many other regions of the country.